8 Ways To Enhance Your Mathematical Calculations

Unlike some other subjects, Mathematics makes you an active learner. It takes you out of your comfort zone. However, it is the part and parcel of the learning process.

But, surprisingly Mathematics is the most dreaded subject of the students. Children often burden their mind with Mathematics which results in their discomfort with the subject. Consider the Best online maths classes to ace your child’s grades in school.

What is 598x67? What is 9% of 630? What is the sum of all prime numbers from 0-100?

These calculations and on top of it alpha, beta, gamma. There is so much to do.

Don’t worry. The subsequent 8 ways will aid you to become the wizard of Mathematical calculations.

1. Practice-Practice-Practice: If you hate Mathematics that’s because you study it. Now, here’s the red flag. Mathematics is a subject to practice, not study and visualize, not memorize.

The more you practice it, the more you become good at it. Fix a study routine to practice Mathematics daily. Solve as many questions as you can. Avail adequate guidance by joining the Best online maths classes at WorldOTutor.

2. Get to the basics: Children often lack the understanding of the basic concepts of Mathematics. That’s the reason they develop apprehension towards the subject. To calculate better and quicker, the key is to strengthen your fundamentals. 

Learn the tables, perfect squares and concepts thoroughly. Remember to visualize and not memorize. Start with easier calculations and then move forward to the difficult ones.

3. Time-Tracking:  After being thorough with the basics, it’s time to quicken up your speed. Children often are able to calculate well but lack in-time calculations. This also results in lower grades.

Thereby, you need to increase your calculation speed. While calculating, track your time with a stopwatch. Gradually, speed up your calculations utilizing less time. If you find it difficult to do so by yourself, Best online classes are at your disposal.

4. Smart utilization of Internet and Games: There is plenty of information available online to aid your calculations. Also, join the Best online maths classes to enhance your mathematics calculations. 

There are various online games and quizzes available which are related to mathematics calculations. Try solving quizzes online that include a timer. This will increase your speed also. Mathematical calculation games are not just fun but also a great learning medium.

Consider the following tricks for enhancing mathematical calculations-

5. Estimation: So many times you walk into a restraint or a store. Suppose it is written 18% off or 30% discount. And, you freak out at what that means. How about we use the estimation technique to solve it right there in your mind?

Example: Suppose you need to calculate 4% of 250. Let’s try estimation.

Take 10% of 250 which is 25.

That means 1% of 250 = 2.5.

Further, 4 X 2.5 = 10

6. Visualization: If you need to calculate the sum of all even numbers from 0-10. Try visualization.

Example: Take all odd numbers between 0-10

2, 4, 6, 8.

/   /   /   /

+   +  +   /

-   -    +   /               } A Rectangle of 4 x 5 = 20

.   -    +   /

.   -    +   /

7. Division by 5: If you were to calculate 25/5. That’s easy = 5. But, if you are asked what 2341/5 is.

Example: 2314/5=?

We know, 5 = 10/2. Now, 2314/10=231.4

Therefore, 231.4x2= 462.8

8. Multiplication by 11: Is that difficult for you to calculate?

Example: 43x11=?

Ten’s place= 4             Sum of unit’s and ten’s= 4+3=7            Unit’s Digit= 3                   

This implies, 43x11= 473

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Make your mathematics calculations abilities stronger and quicker with the above tips and tricks. But, Remember- Practice is the Key.

Mathematics is much beyond calculations. It needs logical thinking, a learning mindset as well as lots and lots of practice. If you lack the basic understanding of concepts, get your fundamentals sought with the Best online maths classes.