[3 Easy Steps] Jquery range slider with php Ajax & mysql


Few days ago i was working on project in which my client want jquery range slider  functionality where total number of found products I have to display using jquery php and mysql.
So in this article am going to show you how to create jquery range slider using jquery php and mysql.

Note: Click here to learn PHP tutorial

Below are the simple steps to create jquery range slider

Step 1 : create HTML layout and apply style sheet

To create price slider using jquery,php and mysql we will create a simple html structure.

First of all we have to add the link to JQuery libraries and the stylesheets. add the below lines in to section.

With above libraries and stylesheet we need html tags like div and span for the slider. here we will use three span tag one for minimum price and second for maximum price and last one is used to display result.

Step 2 : Add Javascript Code

Now In this step we will initialize the slider you can also initialize slider in side tag I will create a separate javascript page and give it name script.js.

you can found slider documentation from here document

In above step i had put minimum and maximum price for initial state. you can check those value as per your requirement.
in above price slider there are two main events trigger slide and stop . now we will handle this two events to get price range values from mysql database.

Slide: when user drags one of the slider at that time this event is triggered we will use it to update values in the our span tag to show minimum and maximum values .

stop: when this event is triggered we will call a AJAX functions to count values from mysql that is come between our minimum and maximum value and show result in our span tag.

Step 3: Write PHP Code

In this step we will write our php code to fetch record from database. but before that we will create our table.

Now insert values into table

now in the last we will write our php script

If you have questions or suggestions please, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section.

keep coding 🙂


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