We believe in extending top-notch services to our students. Education is the backbone of any nation and students are the future. Our company policies are designed to best cater to students' requirements.

Furthermore, we provide a flexible approach to students that queries for refunds barely arise. We offer adaptable ways within the time duration of the courses, i.e. unlimited time, change of teacher, change of subjects, transferring current classes to siblings or even to friends who are enrolled or likely to be enrolled for new courses.

We have academic and non-academic courses and students just love to explore and learn new activities like learning chess, yoga, karate, dance, guitar, flute, piano, and even singing. We don't like to lose our dear students, therefore an immaculate set of policies are framed to best service.

If anyone still needs a refund, our team is always there to assist with the best possible solution. According to the policy, 25% of the amount is deducted as receiving international payments involves services tax, transaction charges, currency conversion charges, and other costs too. 75% amount is refunded for the un-availed classes. The refund can be claimed within 30 days from the date of avail of the program.

We suggest contacting us for any help if you experience any problems related to the dissemination of our services.

Refund Procedure

As soon as we receive the request for a refund, we will notify you of the refund status after effective scrutiny of the reason mentioned. Once the refund request is approved, we will forward a refund to the given bank account. You will get the credit within 4-6 working days, pertaining to card/bank policies.