This is one of the crucial verticals, we've introduced recently. It provides you with a space to share your stories or experiences on how to teach as well as handle the classroom. It includes more practical instances and actionable suggestions based on real classroom stories.

Furthermore, these don't have anything long or theoretical. It may be as small as something you told a student which encouraged or uplifted their confidence. These pieces of advice are great and need to be shared with the world.

You can send us the teaching methodology or strategies, you applied in a classroom. Interestingly, you can share everything and anything, viz. what worked for you and whatnot.

You can share your story using the following structure:
- What problems/challenges do you encounter?
- How did you resolve those problems?
- From where and how did you get your strategy or idea?
- How did you apply it?
- How did it change the situation?
- What were the final outcomes?

As we all know communicating through stories is an age-old ritual. It is because stories stick to our minds and are easier to grab or understand.

So, share your stories or personal experiences and help others to conquer the teaching challenges. Kindly share it with us and we will publish it with your name.

In short, this is an opportunity to leave a positive impact on the world in yet another fascinating way.