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Now a days WordPress become a most popular platform for blogger. Almost every blogger prefer WordPress because of its simplicity, easy to use, SEO friendly and robust.  If you are the owner of WordPress blog or you are planning to make your blog in WordPress then this article is for you.In this article am going to show you WordPress tips and tricks that will help you to make your WordPress blog beautiful without using any plugins.

1:  How to Remove login shake effect

WordPress has default functionality that when the user enters wrong username or either password error message will display along with shake effect. What if we want to remove shake effect here is a snippet to remove shake effect when an error occurs.

Copy below code open functions.php file from your theme folder (wp-content/theme) and paste it.


Default WordPress Login Page comes with WordPress logo, but did you know that we can change WordPress login logo in few seconds.
To change WordPress login logo from your WordPress login page open functions.php file from theme folder and paste below code.

3: Remove WordPress version number

Your WordPress version number is visible to everyone, so they can easily know which version you are running and this footprint might be a security leak. With every new WordPress version release, WordPress developers also publish previous versions bugs that resolve. so if you are using the old version and your version is publicly visible then your site is not secure.

To WordPress version number appears in three areas.

1.Generator meta tag in header

2.Generator tag in RSS feeds

3.Query string o scripts and css

Copy and paste below snippet into functions.php file to remove WordPress Version number

Note: As Matt Mullenweg pointed simply hiding your WordPress version number will not make your WordPress secure


4. Display WordPress error in error log

For developers its good to display errors in error log. so in this step, we are going to show you how to display WordPress error in error log.

Follow Below steps:

  1. Open wp-config.php file from your root folder.
  2. Find below code in wp-config.php file

and change value false to yes.

3.  And in final step add path where you want to create log file

5.Move wp-config.php file to custom location

wp-config.php file is one of the most important  core WordPress file in which our database configuration and other information are stored. WordPress has default structure and every WordPress developer knows wp-config.php file is located in root folder. So for security purpose its better to move wp-config.php file to custom location where hacker can’t reach.

Follow the below steps to move wp-config.php file to custom location:

Step 1: Open your WordPress folder and find wp-config.php file available in root folder.

Step 2:  Create custom folder in which later we will move our wp-config.php file (in this article I’m creating config name folder)

Step 3: Copy wp-config.php file from root folder and paste into a newly created folder.

Step 4: Open wp-load.php file from WordPress root folder and search below code

and replace with

Thanks for reading.

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